Payments, shipping and returns


You can choose between the following forms of payment to make the payment to 47,895 *** – P (hereinafter GINTONICLY).:

Credit card payment: You can pay the full amount of the purchase by paying for Visa, 4B or MasterCard.

In order to give maximum security to the payment system, GINTONICLY system uses “secure payment” of ING Direct. In this sense, sensitive data (number of credit card and expiration date) no server GINTONICLY are sent but are directly and encrypted transmitted (SSL) server ING Direct without GINTONICLY have access to data .

The server GINTONICLY NOT store any data on your payment transaction, this service is made through a payment gateway established by the corresponding bank.

Payment by Paypal: You can pay the full amount of the purchase using this secure platform through secure about her or data indicating a compatible bank card identification.

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Payment by bank transfer:

You can pay the full amount of the purchase, paying by bank transfer. The transfer payment must be paid to GINTONICLY in ING Direct account. It is imperative that such transfer / income state the order number to be provided in the confirmation of it is made.

No entry will be accepted or similar checks in any bank accounts.

BANC: ING Direct
ES80 1465 0150 59 1717558131
Payment by cash on delivery:
You can pay for purchases when the order is received at the destination in the carrier at the time of receipt. This service includes expenses assigned transport company for refund of the purchase:

4% of the value with a minimum of € 2.50 and a maximum of 60 €

GINTONICLY reserves the right to refuse to supply any person for any reason.

GINTONICLY reserves the right to withhold any order for security reasons. customers affected will be informed. Additionally also reserves the right to cancel an order if it is considered that it is not possible to check the shipping and billing information.


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