Grapefruit, Cranberry and Tonka Bean Gintonic

pomelo arandanos haba tonka

The fusion of these 3 ingredients, create a Gin tonic noted for its amazing flavor. We add 50ml of Gin Gin N VLC in a cup, from a certain elevation and permeating the entire interior of this.

Then we introduce 2 fresh blueberries and let rest 10 seconds.

Then add the ice, preferably a mineral water ice low in sodium.

The tonic we choose: Fever Tree Elderflower, the added gently, avoiding impact directly against the ice.

Above the glass and with a zester, draw a strip of skin grapefruit and see how small particles popping up essential oil preparation. Then we introduce the skin as well. Finally, we scrape with a grater tonka bean a little over gin and tonic ready.

* The tonka bean is banned in some countries because of its toxicity in high amounts, see the risks before using.

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