Anubis Gin, the Bilbao and Bizkaia Gin

Anubis Gin

Anubis Gin, is the first gin and Bizkaia Bilbao, London Dry gin, in which all ingredients are distilled in pot stills still.

Gin intended for the consumer traditional gin, light, dry and prominent in botanicals. Stressing juniper and lavender, with soft and delicate aromas. They also highlight its citrus notes of red and orange sweet grapefruit along with a contrasting seed spicy and earthy notes. All wrapped in a floral finish recalling the mystical lotus flower.

Presentation photo: This time we serve in a black glass in the line of the bottle and decorate curiously with a lemon peel in the form of Egyptian cross and a cinnamon stick, making cane to introduce both pairings in the gin and tonic before to taste.



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