Tónica Schweppes Premium

Tónica Schweppes Premium, the Enhanced Classic

The Premium Schweppes Tonic is a tonic made with 100% natural ingredients, rich flavors and citrus lime with outstanding touch. It contains quinine of the best quality from Indonesia and is the result of over 100 years in the world of the tonics. A tonic crystal clear color with a classic pronounced aroma, slightly bitter [Leer más…]

Tónica Fever Tree Indian Premium

Fever Tree Indian Premium Tonic, the gourmet tonic

Indian Fever Tree Premium is a tonic made with spring water, with essential oils of orange Tanzania and the highest quality quinine from a tree plantation Eastern Congo fever. A tonic clean and transparent color, with a soft, exquisite classical aroma, slightly bitter and citrus with hints round. It has a high carbonation, characterized by [Leer más…]

Tónica Fever Tree Elderflower

Fever Tree Elderflower Tonic, enjoy a garden flower

Fever Tree tonic Elderflower is noted for its aroma of elderflower and subtle citrus notes, balanced by the bitterness of natural quinine from the Eastern Congo. It brings freshness and brightens the gintonics with its attractive summery touch. A crystalline tone, with a fine sweet, floral scent of elderflower, combined with soft citrus notes. It [Leer más…]

Tónica Fever Tree Mediterranean

Tónica Fever Tree Mediterranean, bottled sea breeze

Mediterranean Fever Tree tonic is rich in essential oils of flowers, fruits and herbs harvested from the Mediterranean coast and natural quinine from the Eastern Congo. Among its ingredients highlights geranium, thyme, lemon and tangerine. A tonic of pure crystalline color, with a delicate scent of thyme, rosemary and light citrus notes. On the palate [Leer más…]