Whitley Neill Gin

Whitley Neill, awarded gold and inspired by Africa

Whitley Neill is an artisan gin with four distillations in copper stills with a production conceived in small quantities. It is a gin contains nine carefully selected, from among which the alquequenje and baobab ingredients. The latter is the one who gives life and a citrus flavor of high quality, accompanying fruity and spicy notes [Leer más…]


N Gin VLC, Spirits Selection Gold Medal 2015

N Gin Valencia VLC is a distilled gin double copper stills. His botanists, among which orange peel, tangerine, rosemary, sage and chardonnay grapes are distilled individually and then mixed. All this results in a balanced gin both mouth and nose with citrus noticeable presence, herbaceous and fruity with a subtle stroke. Finally it has a [Leer más…]

Anubis Gin

Anubis Gin, the Bilbao and Bizkaia Gin

Anubis Gin, is the first gin and Bizkaia Bilbao, London Dry gin, in which all ingredients are distilled in pot stills still. Gin intended for the consumer traditional gin, light, dry and prominent in botanicals. Stressing juniper and lavender, with soft and delicate aromas. They also highlight its citrus notes of red and orange sweet [Leer más…]

Citadelle Gin

Citadelle Gin. The Gin global award winning

Citadelle Gin uses 19 botanicals among which juniper, lemon peel, orange, nutmeg, pine, fennel, orris root and violet. This premium gin the imparts a bewitching quickly with its delicate and fresh scent of flowers, jasmine and honeysuckle. Once served, sharper and herbaceous notes of anise, cinnamon and grains of paradise are observed. Among his awards, [Leer más…]